The Valparaiso Farmers Market

The Valparaiso Farmers Market is open every Tuesday and Saturday from 8am to 2pm through October 19th. The Valparaiso Market is located at the William E. Urschel Pavilion at Central Park Plaza, 63 Lafayette Street in Valparaiso. Visit with local growers and craftsmen to buy plants in early summer and the freshest vegetables from summer through fall.

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Let’s Spend $20 at the Valparaiso Market!

On this particular Tuesday afternoon, I took my lunch break to visit the the Valparaiso Farmers Market with $20 in my pocket. My goal was to enjoy lunch, buy something to snack on at home and a gift for Misty.

Valparaiso Farmers Market - Lunch Vendor - Hotdogs
My first stop was lunch! I chose to grab a Vienna Beef Hotdog for $3 to hold me over until I got off of work. If you’ve ever met me, you’d know that a hotdog is always a great choice for lunch.
Valparaiso Farmers Market - Deb's Home Made Goodness
My go to booth has always been Deb’s Booth! Deb is retired and has been a vendor at the Valparaiso Market since Misty and I moved into town. We often finish our Saturday morning runs at the market to buy a loaf of her amazing home made goodness! My favorite being the Lemon Blueberry! The full loaf cost $7. My remaining balance was $10.

Valparaiso Farmers Market - The Wandering Wildflower
With $10 remaining I headed over to The Wandering Wildflower. One of my favorite “nice things to do for Misty” is to bring home fresh flowers for the kitchen table. You can’t beat the $10 price tag for this bouquet of flowers.

I was fairly shocked that this worked out to be perfectly $20. As I approached the The Wandering Wildflower, with some at home brownie points in mind, I thought for sure I was going to have to haggle some flower prices!

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