From “Lived In” To “Show Ready For Top Dollar”

When it’s time to sell your home, it’s time have your home “show ready” all of the time. If you want top dollar for your home you need it to look like a hotel. When it is just you and another adult it’s not too difficult to accomplish. Let’s throw kids and a few pets into the mix. They don’t exactly clean up after themselves. I know, it sounds stressful. To help you turn home into show ready home ready to accept a top dollar offer here are some tips.

Find everything that you can live without for a few months. Start with the things people will see as they walk around your home. Small kitchen appliances like crock pots and toaster ovens, everything you have on top of your refrigerator, large chunky furniture, large play sets and any clutter can all be removed. “Clutter” is everything on your shelves, desks, counters and end tables. Most people will move things into their garage or storage. Next make room in your closets. You can pack up the extra linens, kids games, art supplies, seasonal clothing, etc.

Now that you have more space in your closets, pick a place to store the things you use everyday.  Utilize this closet space for your kid’s toys and other bulky items. For small items, use bins or baskets to help transport things to the closets. It will be an adjustment to your everyday living. It will bring real value to your home when buyers can see themselves living in your home and not you living in it.

If you do have young children, I recommend that you involve them in some of the decision making. Have them included in helping to choose what items go into storage for a few months, and which items or toys they can keep our and use everyday. Your kids are can be little worker bee’s too! Have them transport smaller items to you as you stack them away in the closet. To make it more fun get them excited about your upcoming move, ask them what color they would paint their new room if they were able to choose. This isn’t just stressful for you, it’s a big deal to your kids as well. Stay positive about the move.

Now that your home is setup to sell for TOP DOLLAR you can request a 1 to 2 hour notice before each showing. This should give you enough time to put away any clutter, clean up quickly and get your kids and pets out of the house.

Congratulations your home is now “superman” of homes and can go from everyday living to “show ready” in the matter of moments!


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Andrew Knies