Top 4 Questions You MUST Ask Your Listing Agent

The life of a Realtor is changing and it’s happening quickly. And to be completely honest it’s more difficult to market homes today than even 2 years ago. The days of showing up at a house, taking a listing and WAITING for a buyer to stroll along are long gone…at least in the life of a GOOD agent.

Here are the 4 most important questions to ask an agent when you are interviewing them to do the job of…getting your home…SOLD!

#1 Will you market my home on social media?

You are looking for an agent who will do more than share your listing on their own personal Facebook page. Facebook’s organic reach is dying- what this means is that when you post something to your personal Facebook timeline, only a small percentage of your Facebook friends will actually see the content. It takes a marketing EXPERT to utilize and take advantage of all that any social media platform has to offer.

#2 Will you market my home using PROFESSIONAL photos AND video?

Let’s face it, your home is one of your largest investments. In a sellers market, even BAD photos can get buyers in to view your property and you may even wind up with your property being sold. HOWEVER, in that same sellers market really GREAT photos AND video can bring in MORE buyers and help sell your home at a HIGHER price.The more people who view your home the higher the chance of receiving MULTIPLE offers becomes.

#3 What should I do to prepare my home for sale?

A good agent will be able to tell you things you may not want to hear about your home and/or your taste in decorating. Although it always pays to hire a professional stager, an agent should be able to get you well on your way to having your home SALE READY.

#4 How did you determine the price you’d like me to list my home for?

An agent shouldn’t give an opinion! They should be able to access the market, understand their own marketing, the condition of your home and how it competes with other homes on the market. All this data combined will determine what any given market will allow your home to sell for. It’s not an agent’s opinion- it’s the market value. An agent who is willing to take an overpriced listing is an agent who is willing to let your hom SIT on the market.


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